Fort Armstrong Gazette

September 2010


President’s Message – Steve Rinck

Although the temptation to slow down and take it easy in hot weather is great, this summer has been a very busy one for The Dade Battlefield Society.  While planning for multiple events, we are still looking at ways to reduce expenses while increasing our revenues.  Although the treasury is significantly less than last year, plans have been made that should augment our budget and guarantee a quality reenactment marking the 175th anniversary of Dade’s Battle.

The public admission price for the reenactment is being raised. We are cutting back in other areas that will not detract from the overall presentation.  The members’ response to a new dues reminder has been good, but we need renewals from many more.  If you have not renewed your membership during 2010, please send $10.00 to us as soon as you can.

I am pleased that, already, 22 people have sent registrations for the reenactment weekend.  Most of our readers have received mailed invitations. Returning them now will be very helpful to us, as we plan for that special time at Dade Battlefield.

On Labor Day, we have arranged for a number of soldier, Seminole, and civilian reenactors to provide living history demonstrations at the Pioneer Florida Museum Festival in Dade City.  We are hopeful that programs such as this will generate more interest in our park and in the historic events that have happened there.  A special welcome goes out from all of us to Bruce Whiting, the newly appointed park manager!  We look forward to working with him to continually improve the grounds and programs at the park

2010 Board Meetings     6:30 p.m., Dade’s Lodge

                             ANY INTERESTED PERSON IS WELCOME!

                        September 14                          November 9                                      

                        October 12                             December 14                                      

Society Goals

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection, annually, requires all citizen support organizations (of which Dade Battlefield Society is one) to declare their goals for the future. It is important for our readers to understand these goals in order to determine how to personally assist in achieving them.  Each issue of The Fort Armstrong Gazette in 2010 will describe some of the 14 goals that were submitted.

            Goal 9:  Increase the involvement of local people, organizations, and governments in order to  support the reenactment and to help offset increasing production costs.

            Goal 10: Establish reenactor visiting programs for schools and service clubs.

            Goal 11: Assist with writing and printing of an educational activity book for use with school groups.

Plans for forging strong connections with park neighbors, both business and residential, have been newly reinvigorated.  Along with park personnel, we are reaching out  to let others know who we are and of the importance of increasing public awareness of Dade Battlefield and local heritage found at the site.  Several of the Society’s board members are either present or retired educators, and we are tapping their strengths and enthusiasm to increase interest among both youths and adults.  Please contact us via website, mail, or our Facebook Fan page with your ideas on achieving these and other Society goals.

September Member Profile:  Steve Creamer

       While operating as a blacksmith demonstrator at the 1993 Dade Battle Reenactment, Steve Creamer was struck with a sense of both heritage and history as he observed multiple portrayals of Seminole life of the 1830’s.  The grandson of full-blooded Creeks, he was intrigued with the idea of teaching others respect for Native American culture while learning new ways in which to honor and celebrate it himself.

A Clearwater native and retired firefighter, Steve has expanded his participation in living history opportunities greatly since becoming a board member in 2000.  Along with his role in our annual reenactment, he serves as a black powder safety officer and also appears as a Seminole at many other Florida locations. Steve takes pride in maintaining authenticity in his portrayals, and always encourages others to do the same.  He says that the people you work with in these settings become extended family, allowing all to be, as he puts it, “Not learning history, but living it.”  We are fortunate to have Steve as one of our leaders and hope that he continues to inspire us to tell the story of this land and these men.

Dade Battlefield Festival - Saturday, March 19, 2011 - Jerry Robertson


I have often wondered why, with all the talent in Sumter County and beyond, that there have been  no coordinated efforts to produce a live music show for people to enjoy.   With help from some local citizens, I am heading the Dade Battlefield Society’s efforts in putting together such a show.  The musicians will be both local as well as some top talent from as far away as North Carolina and Nashville, Tennessee.  In addition to music, there will be a top quality arts and craft show.  We will borrow from area history to give the show a Seminole flavor, as well.  Watch for more details in future newsletters.

5th Annual Dade Swap Meet- John DeLancett

Just a reminder that the 5th Annual Dade Swap Meet is scheduled for Saturday, November 13th.  There are still tables available, but, as we get closer to the event, experience shows that they will be quickly rented.  Don’t lose out by waiting too long. For those of you who won’t be renting tables, be sure to mark your calendar to come to the event. It is an excellent opportunity to get into the spirit of the upcoming reenactment season and to acquire those items that you would like to add to your outfit at a reasonable price and to swap, trade, or sell those items that you are trying to replace. We look forward to seeing all of you at the event. After last year’s event, we expect to have another big crowd.

Upcoming Events


5th Annual SWAP MEET  -  SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2010


World War II Day 

Two heavy showers cooled the air but did not dampen the spirits of the hundreds of guests and participants at the Annual World War II Commemorative Day on August 7th.  Head and ticket counts indicated a greater number of attendees than last year, and there was certainly no shortage of authentic motorized vehicles and weapons demonstrations.  Continuous showings of 16mm wartime films proved to be one of our more popular new features, and we were especially honored to welcome several actual World War II veterans. A special thanks to George Webb for his efforts.






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