Fort Armstrong Gazette

September 2007


President’s Message

The Dade Battlefield Society, Inc. applied for another Sumter County Tourist Development Council Grant to help us advertise for the 2007 event.  Most of our advertising is done through newspapers, but this year we made an additional request for magazine advertising.  The grant was approved by the Sumter County Tourist Development Council at the August 29th meeting.  The Society was awarded $14,295.62 for advertising.  This money may only be used to promote the reenactment.  The Society is grateful to the Tourist Development Council for their continued support. This is the third year the reenactment has received this funding.

T & J BBQ has agreed to provide meals for the reenactors this year.  The board is still working on the details.

The board supported a request from the park to purchase key chains representing Dade Battlefield to give to children visiting the park with their school groups.  We also provided a small amount of funding to help Ranger George Webb with the implementation of WWII Day at the park.

Registrations for the reenactment were mailed out to vendors and sutlers in July.  Cards were also mailed out as we are trying to update our mailing list.  Reenactor registrations will be mailed out in September.  If you do not receive one, you can go to our website at www.dadebattlefield.com and download a form.

Steve Abolt wrote, in an email, that he had visited Ransom Clark’s grave in New York.  He thought that it was a shame that there was no historical marker there.  Jerry Morris is currently making contacts and looking into the cost of a marker for this site.  Jerry is also investigating placing a marker here, in Florida, at the site of Abraham’s Old Town, in Bevilles Corners, just 4 miles east of the Battlefield.  We will keep the membership updated on his efforts.  We sincerely thank Jerry for his help.

We look forward to seeing all of you at the 2007 Dade Battle Reenactment, December 29th and 30th.


On August 4, over 100 WWII reenactors gathered at the Battlefield to kick off their reenactment season in Florida.  Participants were in uniforms representing Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Russia and the United States.  Many of them brought vehicles from that era.  Ranger George Webb arranged for the ROTC, from South Sumter High School, to assist with the parking.  The SSHS band served lunch and ran out of food twice.  Ranger Webb also had the Lodge set up as a USO.  Almost 500 people attended, many of them WWII veterans.  One of the goals of the Dade Battlefield Society has been to encourage more local support and involvement at the park and this goal was certainly achieved on this particular Saturday.  George did a great job organizing the event and getting volunteers.  Park manger Tracey Standridge tried some techniques that she learned at Olustee and we will probably use them this year at our reenactment.  It was a great day for all who attended.  Come out and support next year’s event on the first Saturday in August.


One new member was elected to the DBS board in June, Mr. Frank Edwards. He is from Inverness and has supported the reenactment for many years.  He and his wife are food vendors.  The board welcomes him as a director.  We still have one seat on the board that remains unfilled and, sadly, no one has taken the job of treasurer.  The board members and officers for the 2007-2009 year are:

President, Jean McNary
Vice-President, Jeff Renihan                             Secretary, Ross Lamoreaux

Steve Creamer             Lyle Wolding                Karl Baier             Ross Lamoreaux
John Griffin                   Frank Edwards Dale Beremand    Jean McNary
Jeff Renihan

Remembering Indy Morgado
     by Steve Creamer

On April 18, 2007, I lost my brother firefighter, living historian and friend, Indy Morgado.  Indy was a 30 year veteran of the Miami Dade Fire Department and one of the first reenactors in South Florida.  Karl Baier and I attended the funeral in Davie, Florida for Indy. Present were over 300 brother firefighters, reenactors and friends.  The one word that defines Indy is family, because all that were there were and are family to Indy.  An Honor Guard of firefighters and reenactors were also present.  Indy continues to live in all of us.  He touched us with his smile and brotherhood.  You will always be with each of us, my brother.

Swap Meet 2007

On June 16, the Society held its second Annual Swap Meet. There were a total of 11 exhibitors and 15 tables.  Brenda Curran sold hot dogs, sausages and cold drinks at the event. The number of attendees was larger then the previous year, but still seemed to lack the number of reenactors that would have been expected at such an event.

Items for sale ranged from military awards and memorabilia to Seminole long shirts, leggings and sashes to Civil War uniforms and weapons. Also included were books on the various periods represented. Everyone in attendance had a good time and all stated that they would participate again next year. 

The Board would appreciate any input from reenactors and members of the society concerning this event.  It was anticipated that there would be a larger attendance by the reenactors, since this is an opportunity to sell, purchase or trade clothing, weapons, accoutrements, books and other items related to the various periods that they portray in their respective events. Please send any comments, suggestions or inquiries to John G. DeLancett at frentrapr@earthlink.net.
One change that is being implemented is that next year’s event will not be on Father’s Day weekend.  The event is currently scheduled for Saturday, August 16, 2008.  Thanks to all those who participated and made the event a success for the second year in a row.

by John DeLancett, Event Coordinator


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