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May 09


President’s Message - Jean McNary

I would like to thank the 2008-09 Board for their dedication and hard work, both last year and the past few months, as we prepare for the upcoming reenactment January 2nd and 3rd  , 2010. I shall not be running for the office of President this coming year as I have served in this position for the past six years.  We have had some rough periods, during my tenure as President, but the Board always stayed focused on the reenactment and has, with the support of a great park staff, produced a quality event.  We have expanded our park support to include WWII Day and the annual reenactor Swap Meet.  It has been my pleasure to work with the staff of Dade Battlefield and the dedicated society members who serve on the Board.

Board Openings

Dave Beem, who finished the term of Board member Frank Edwards, has resigned from the Board effective June 9.  Dave lives in Sumter County and is also the treasurer of the Sumter County Historical Society.  We thank him for his support and participation. We did make him promise to help us at next year’s reenactment.

Lyle Wolding, who has served on the Board for many years, resigned, effective immediately, as he has moved out of State, though he will be spending winter months in Florida near Palatka. We would also like to thank Lyle for his help over the years. Lyle was instrumental in helping us to find adequate parking when he met with Ms. Louise Sells and arranged for visitors to park to the west of the Battlefield. Mrs. Sells also allowed us to park there last year, which was a great help to the event.

Board Elections/Annual Membership Meeting

The Annual Membership Meeting and Election of the Board will be held June 9, 2009 at Dade’s Lodge, 6:30 p.m.  The membership meeting will follow the Board meeting. The Board will present the annual report and the names of the nominees for the Board to the members in attendance. The report will include accomplishments for the past year and the goals for this year.  The election of new Board members will take place after the yearly report presentation. Board membership is open to current, dues paying members. The Board may take nominations from the floor. If you are interested in serving on the Board, you can contact the chairman of the nominating committee, Steve Rinck, and have your name placed on the list to be presented.  Steve can be reached by email at nrinck@yahoo.com or by telephone at (352) 534-0002.

2009 Board Meetings- 6:30 p.m. Dade’s Lodge
May 12                        August 11                   November 10
June 9                          September 8                December 8
July 14                         October 13



Park Manager’s Message  - Robert H. Baker

The staff has been working on upgrading the audio visual room in the Visitor Center. I have asked John Griffin to give me a price for designing a mural to be placed on the museum side of the audio visual room wall. This is a project encouraged and supported by BJ Givens. The room interior will be sound proof, with carpeting on the walls and ceiling, with a 42 inch wide-screen television with VHS, DVD and computer display capability and surround sound. This will make the room ADA compliant as well as being an upgrade. In other news, the skylights have been replaced in the picnic area restroom, which means no more free showers during thunderstorms.  On a statewide note, the third quarter attendance and revenue was at a five year high. It would seem that the economy is bringing more visitors into the parks. This trend and the letters of concern from citizens seem to have had a favorable effect on the legislature and the budgets for the division. We just need to see what the bottom line is when the Governor signs the new budget.

Seminole Wars Foundation

The Seminole Wars Foundation had their Spring meeting at Frank Laumer’s House on April 25, 2009. Society members, Jerry Morris and Ray Giron, participated in the program by sharing historic collections and information. Lunch was provided. You can contact the foundation at www.seminolewars.us

DVDs – This Land, These Men

The Board has contracted with a producer to record the video This Land, These Men on DVDs. We still have some video tapes available. We have not yet determined a sale price. We hope to have them for sale at the reenactment. The Seminole Wars Foundation gave us the impetus to do this, and we hope they will offer the DVDs at other Seminole War events.

Dade Battlefield Historic State Park

WWII Commemorative Day – August 1, 2009
9 AM to 3 PM
Military Vehicles, Swing Music, Weapons Demonstrations Uniformed Reenactors, Food and fun for all.....

Saturday, August 15, 2009
10 AM to 3 PM
Swap, Buy, Sell your Pre 1880’s Reenactment Items
Open to the Public


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