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May 08


President’s Message

The past few months have been difficult. The board had a quorum at the May meeting, while not having had one for the past two months.  We have approved seeking another TDC advertising grant for this year’s reenactment.  The Tampa Tribune has agreed to sponsor us again, but, cannot commit to as many ads due to the current economic situation.  The park, also, must cut back their budget and that will certainly affect the event. The board is trying to involve local residents which would be a big help to us, especially with the cost of gasoline. We have approved the hiring of a local accounting firm to handle our books.  Hopefully, a board member will take over the duties of treasurer with this assistance.

Our vice-president, Jeff Renihan has resigned.  If you are interested in serving on the board, please call or send an email to me so I can get your name to the nominating committee before the June membership meeting.

I hope you all have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you again this year.

Jean McNary

A Call to Action
  by John DeLancett

For quite some time now, the Board, through direct contacts and through its newsletter, has been reaching out to the membership for people to step forward and serve on the Board and/or as officers.  Unfortunately, no one has done so.  As a former President, Vice-President, Secretary and Board member for several years, current newsletter editor and Annual Dade Swap Meet organizer and coordinator, and a participant in the battle reenactment for more than 10 years, I feel I have earned the right to comment on this situation.  In addition to the forgoing I have been responsible for obtaining the awards and the medallions that are passed out at the event each year for the last ten years.  I won’t bore you with any further details.

If you, as a reenactor or member of the Society are interested in seeing the annual reenactment continue to take place, then some of you need to step forward and agree to serve as a director and/or officer.  Many of the present members of the Board have served in their positions for many years.  Quite frankly, many of us aren’t getting any younger.  Frankly, it is unfair to expect the Board to continue to put on this event when, in fact, support is diminishing rather than expanding.  We all love the reenactment and the activities that take place during those 3 days.  However, these do not magically appear out of the air. It involves substantial logistical planning and financial commitment and the investment of time and effort by many human beings.  The best testament to your support for that event and this organization is to volunteer to serve.  The time has come to do so.



Third Annual Dade Swap Meet

Just a short reminder that the Annual Dade Swap Meet is rapidly coming upon us. Make sure to mark your calendar for August 16, 2008.  Please see the enclosed flyer. Those that wish to register as participants, please be aware that the registration forms are located at the Dade Battlefield Society website http://www.dadebattlefield.com/index.html. or they can be obtained by calling or emailing John DeLancett at (407) 644-8253 or frentrapr@embarqmail.com. I hope to see you there in either the capacity of a vendor or visitor.

Annual Membership Meeting and Elections
6:30 PM Dade’s Lodge
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Dade Battlefield Historic Park

Scheduled Board Meetings:

July 8                                                   October 14
August 12                                           November 11
September 9                                        December 9

Membership Amendments

The Society gives notice that it will be considering for adoption amendments to provisions for membership providing for the ability of dues paying members to vote at the annual meeting, creating a new category of contributing member, and establishing a nominating committee. For greater specifics on these proposed amendments, please contact Jean McNary at: mcnary1213@embarqmail.com

Annual Membership Dues

Please be aware that your annual membership dues are due for most of you as of June 1, 2008. Please see the attached dues renewal form and please complete it and return it along with a check for your dues for the upcoming fiscal year.  Thank you for your continuing support.
Annual Membership Dues – Time to Renew or Join Now

Name__________________________                       e-mail_________________
Address________________________                      Circle one:  Reenactor(soldier/Indian)
City____________ State_____ Zip_______            volunteer, sutler, vendor, demonstrator

Individual Membership……………………………10.00                                       
Total enclosed                                                           ______
Make checks out to:                Dade Battlefield Society, Inc.
Return check to:                      Dade Battlefield Society
                                                7200 C.R. 603
                                                Bushnell, FL 33513



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