Fort Armstrong Gazette

May 2007


President’s Message

The Dade Battlefield Society board is working hard to present another quality reenactment this year scheduled for December 29th and 30th.  We are very sad to announce that the Lake Panasoffkee Recreation Committee has dissolved.  They are the group who has been cooking meals for the reenactors for the last 14 years.  They used the money raised from the meal sales to supply funds to local charities in Sumter County.  They have done an excellent job and we are very sorry this group can no longer provide the meals for us.  The Board will certainly try to find another group willing to step in and help us out.  We will update you as to the status of the meal situation in the Fall newsletter.

Notice of Annual Membership Meeting

 The annual membership meeting is June 12th, 6:30 P.M., Dade’s Lodge.  We still have two openings on the board since the resignation of James Velten and J. T. Wolding.  If you are interested in serving on the board, please email me at mcnary1213@embarqmail.com or call (352) 567-2596 and give me your name.  I will forward your name to the nominating committee. This is the time when the board is elected and officers for the coming year are elected.  The board meets the second Tuesday of the month.  It always helps to have new board members as they can add a fresh perspective on the reenactment plans. Most of the board is made up of reenactors and, since Jim Velten and J. T. Wolding have resigned, I am the only board member who is a park volunteer and not in the reenactment.  It would really be great if any of you know someone who lives locally in south Sumter County who would be willing to serve.  Each board member serves a two year term.

Renew Your Annual Membership Dues Now

 It is time to renew your membership dues.  Please use the attached form and send to the Dade Battlefield Society, Inc., 7200 County Rd.603, Bushnell, Florida, 33513. Have a great summer.

Jean McNary

Park Manager’s Message

Spring has been dry here at Dade, as everywhere else in Florida.  For the first time, since my arrival, the drainage ditch is dry and the pond is very low.  A lot has been going on at the park and many staff projects are nearing completion.  When everyone visits us in early winter you will be able to see first hand what our small staff has accomplished with the help of volunteers and community service workers.  During the month of April, we had 292 hours put in by 11 community service workers.  Some have even assisted putting together the packets handed out to reenactment participants at registration.  Park neighbors have assisted with the daily clean up (trash/litter/debris) and pickup and have donated aluminum cans to the park for recycling.  Ranger George Webb has been designated the coordinator for the annual WW II program and post cards were sent out to former WW II Day participants and an email address dadebattle@yahoo.com has been established for those wishing to respond via email for the event.  If you would be interested in finding out more about the WW II event, please contact Ranger Webb at (352) 793-4781.  We invite all to come out for a visit on Saturday, August 4th.  Thanks to John DeLancett, for his coordination of the Swap Meet being held on June 16th.  He has put a lot of time and effort into this event to help those who may have something to swap or help someone new get a start.  In closing, I once again encourage all to become involved with the Dade Battlefield Society throughout the year and remember that the annual membership meeting will be June 12th at 6:30 P.M. at the park in the Major Dade Lodge.

Tracey Standridge

Rule Changes for State Events

The new minimum age for a battlefield reenactor is now 14 years.  We will, however, continue to place anyone who is new to the event with someone who is experienced in the safety aspects of the event.  New this year for cannon crews is the fact that you will be required to keep a gun log of the following information on each cannon you bring to the event:

1.  identification,  2.  organization,  3.  reproduction maker,   4.  bore size,   5.  tube length,   6.  vent size,  7.  markings,   8.  breach,   9.  left trunnion,   10. right trunnion,   11. muzzle face,   12. remarks,   13.  general information               

The log must also contain the date it was fired, the number of rounds fired and the powder charge as well as weather conditions, remarks, crew and training.  You will be asked for the log at each event.

Steve Creamer

Second Annual Swap Meet

The Second Annual Dade Swap Meet is rapidly approaching.  It is scheduled for Saturday, June 16, 2007, the day before Father’s Day.  The deadline to register and pay fees to rent a table is Monday, June 11, 2007.  The cost for renting an 8 foot table is $10.00.  The board will be closely watching the level of participation and attendance at the event this year to determine whether it will continue with the event in future years.  Don’t miss this opportunity to either sell, swap or exchange items that you no longer use for those that you would like to acquire.  This is also an excellent opportunity for a beginning reenactor to obtain clothing, accoutrements and books relating to the hobby.  The items you will see at this event are not the usual mass produced items that you may find, but are the personal possessions of individuals who have been involved in the hobby and who are either upgrading, changing, or simply have outgrown their clothing, shoes, hats, etc.  Ironically, the number of reenactors that attended last year’s event was lower than anticipated.  If you are a reenactor and you don’t come to this event, then you are truly passing on an excellent opportunity.  So, rent a table, spend the day, or, if you can’t spend the entire day, certainly come by the event and see if you can find a treasure to add to your collection.  Tell your wife and children that this is an opportunity for them to find a gift that you will truly enjoy.  We look forward to seeing you there. Best wishes for a safe and happy Father’s Day.

John G. DeLancett, Event Coordinator


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