Fort Armstrong Gazette

May 2006

President’s Message,

I hope you all had a great spring and will have a restful summer. Your board is hard at work getting ready for our 2006 Dade’s Battle Reenactment.  Keep in mind that there are no major changes that will take place this coming year.  We want more participants to express their ideas on possible repositioning of the camps, so grab a board member  and give us input. Our most important meeting of the year is coming up on the evening of June 13.  This is our annual membership meeting where officers are elected and new board members are voted on.  If you are interested in serving on the board, please email me at mcnary1213@aol.com.  This meeting is also important because we may have some bylaw changes and any changes must be approved by the membership.

We have an exciting first time event coming up in June.  Scott Smith had a great idea to have a reenactor swap meet. John DeLancett is trying to turn that idea into a reality. I will let him give you the details on this event.  Also, though not our event, CSO members have helped with the Annual WWII Day at the Battlefield which is held the first Saturday in August.  We hope this event will bring more people to the park.

Again, I thank each of you for your assistance and I hope to see many of you at the annual meeting on June 13 all of you in December.

Jean McNary


Scheduled Meetings for the Year – 6:30 pm Dade’s Lodge, open to all members
            June 13 (Important – annual membership meeting and elections)
            July 11
            August 8
            September 12
            October 10
            November 14
            December 12


Membership Dues

The Society urges everyone to update their dues NOW.  Memberships expire in June.  We want everyone to keep receiving the newsletter.  We are going to take a close look at the membership list and purge names of people who have not paid their dues.  This $10.00 membership fee is important to help defray the expenses of the newsletter and other printed materials so you can continue to receive the newsletter.  Also, we are applying for grants to assist in the cost of the reenactment. It is extremely important that our membership is paid and up-to-date. So, please send in your dues today.  Detach the membership form included in this newsletter and mail to the address listed.  Don’t be left out!

March Board Actions:

A new receiver was ordered and has come in to match the other head set of our sound system. 

Contacts are being made to find out prices for more extensive advertising in newspapers.

More letterhead will be ordered with the correct address.

A request was made by an archaeologist for photos of our event for an 1838 Cherokee removal event in North Carolina.

A donation committee was formed to write a policy on donations to the society.  State guidelines will be reviewed on this too.

The finance committee will meet and determine a budget for the 2006 reenactment.

We hope to update our reenactment manual to include such changes as the shuttle parking.

A committee was formed to make a recommendation on changing or increasing fees for coordinators.


Historical Reenactor Swap Meet
 Preparations are well underway for the June 17, 2006 swap meet. This will be an excellent opportunity to find that item you’ve been looking for or to trade, swap or sell those items that no longer fit your persona, size or interest. A copy of the flier for the event is included with this newsletter. Come and enjoy an indoor, air conditioned scouting mission for those treasures you so desire. For further information call John DeLancett at 407-644-8253 or email him at frentrapr@earthlink.net


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